What Color Moto Jacket Are You?

Moto jackets, which have been seen all over the runways, are a must-have for Fall 2013. No longer are these jackets in black leather the more common choice; tweed, jacquard-print, herringbone, quilted, sequin, denim and more are making an appearance. If that's not enough to consider, they also come in a myriad of colors. What color moto will you choose?

{extroverted and optimistic, courageous and confident, ambitious and competitive; action oriented and physically active - sex is a necessity to her; likes to be the center of attention; impulsive; has a passion and enthusiasm for life and are not afraid to pursue dreams and goals}

Red Moto Jackets
RED Valentino Cropped Leather Jacket
Vanessa Bruno Vermillion Biker Jacket
Guess Carly Faux-Leather Jacket

{warm, optimistic, extroverted, often flamboyant, friendly, good-natured, and a generally agreeable person; assertive and determined rather than aggressive; more light-hearted and less intense than those who love red; thrives on human social contact and social gatherings, bringing all types together}

Orange Moto Jackets
Alice + Olivia Cam Zipper Sleeve Biker Jacket
Ella Moss Izabella Crepe Moto Jacket
Anthropologie Tavi Moto Jacket

{loving, kind, generous, sensitive to the needs of others, nurturers of the world, in touch with her femininity, romantic, sensual and sensitive}

Pink Moto Jackets
Club Monaco Delaine Moto Jacket in Pale Pink
Pierre Balmain Leather Moto Jacket in Coral
Alice + Olivia Paradise Leather Rouched Sleeve Crop Jacket in Dark Pink

{neat and immaculate in her appearance; far-sighted, with a positive and optimistic nature; well-balanced, sensible, discreet and wise; cautious, practical and careful with money; tends to have a great deal of self control}

White Moto Jackets
Burberry Brit 'Valletortem' Leather Jacket
3.1 Phillip Lim Trompe I'Oeil Layered Silk Moto Jacket
Nasty Gal Whiteout Moto Jacket

{cheerful and fun to be with; creative; critical of herself as well as others - a perfectionist; impulsive and makes quick decisions; hides emotions, putting on a brave face in times of adversity}

Yellow Moto Jackets
Club Monaco Davie Leather Jacket
Mackage Hidi Distressed Leather Jacket
Forever 21 Faux Leather Bomber Jacket

{practical, down-to-earth with a love of nature; stable, well balanced or striving for balance; kind, generous and compassionate; an open book who doesn't hide her feelings; has a need to belong}

Green Moto Jackets
Rag & Bone Bowery Jacket in Moss Green
Alice + Olivia Paradise Leather Rouched Crop Moto Jacket
Members Only Quilted Moto Jacket

{friendly, approachable, easy to communicate with, compassionate, empathetic, caring, speaks from the heart and loves sharing her innermost most thoughts}

Turquoise Moto Jackets
Carven Asymmetrical Zip Tweed Jacket in Turquoise
Hinge Scallop Trim Leather Jacket in Teal
Forever 21 Free Spirit Moto Jacket in Teal


{conservative, reliable and trustworthy; not impulsive or spontaneous; genuine and sincere, and takes her responsibilities seriously; has a deep need for peace and harmony in her everyday life; appears to be confident and self-controlled, but may be hiding her vulnerable side; does not like to draw attention to herself}

Blue Moto Jackets
Theyskens' Theory 'Jarde Nasher' Leather Jacket in Cobalt
DVF Kazara Suede Moto Jacket in Blue Lapis
Forever 21 Total Stud Moto Jacket in Navy

{honest, down-to-earth, wholesome, steady, reliable, quietly confident, friendly, approachable, genuine, sincere, and has a keen sense of duty and responsibility}

Brown Moto Jackets
Donna Karan New York Cropped Leather Biker Jacket in Cinnabar
Calvin Klein Leather Moto Jacket in Cognac
BB Dakota Jons Jacket in Light Brown

{prestige and power are important to her; independent, strong-willed and determined and likes to be in control of herself and situations; non-emotional and gives the appearance of a dignified and sophisticated person who is in total control}
Black Moto Jacket
Veda 'Mania' Genuine Shearling Moto Jacket
Zara Motorcycle Jackets with Zips
BB Dakota Juliette Moto Jacket